To order Elevatek equipment, you can contact our main office in Bryansk or our official representatives. Our rep offices will help you select equipment, after which the order will be sent to our production facility. You can also order installation, commissioning and service of products by our official representatives. It is comfortable and reliable.

Services Elevatek

We will select the most suitable lift for you based on required parameters and functionality. The equipment will comply with the requirements of SNIP, GOST and supervisory authorities.


We understand the challenges that builders and designers face. Consulting with our planning and specification team ensures our lifts are the perfect fit for your site.


We consider each lift from the point of view of the client’s goals and needs. If standard equipment does not suit you, we will follow your assignment with your parameters. The quality of materials and components will remain unchanged.


If you order installation and commissioning by us, we will deliver the order ourselves. This will not only save your time and budget, but also guarantee the safety of the equipment installation. As manufacturers, we know the product specifications better than third-party organizations, which means we will install faster and with better quality.

Installation and commissioning

We want our products to please users for many years, so we offer service throughout the entire life of the product.


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