Lifting platforms
with vertical travel

BK 440

The single swing door platform is easy to use, suitable for indoor and outdoor and can be fitted with a roof. The security system monitors the closed position of the doors, wear of the running nut, and the cover of the electrical cabinet.
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BK 450

The model is suitable for residential, public and industrial buildings. The unique design does not require attachment to the building and is easy to install and operate. Equipped with an automatic barrier, electric locking when the gate is open, an overload sensor and an emergency descent in the absence of power.
from 260 720 rubles
In stock
delivery from 2 days

BK A 110

Lifting platform with vertical travel БK A 110 is suitable for both residential and public buildings. Easy to maintain, it saves significant operating costs and will change the way you think about the reliability of your lifting equipment.

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