Elevatek is the leader in the development and production of lifting and transport equipment for people with limited mobility. We help create an accessible environment for the population and provide the opportunity to live without restrictions.

For over 30 years, on the basis of our own design bureau, Elevatek has been producing lifting equipment for people with limited abilities: lifting platforms with vertical, inclined travel, autonomous mobile lifts, lifts for transport, ramps for wheelchairs, lifts for pools and the sea.

Over the years, we have been able to successfully integrate science into production chains. Our design bureau creates and implements innovative technologies, constantly improving products so that you can create comfortable conditions for people with limited abilities and people with limited mobility.

The patented solutions of Elevatek team are highly valued by architects, designers and construction companies. We will help your facilities comply with the requirements of the Urban Planning Code, and we will become your partner No. 1 in creating an accessible urban environment

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